Goat’s curd, pickled cherry and pecan toasts

  • full-fat goat’s milk yogurt 450ml
  • red wine vinegar 125ml
  • golden caster sugar 50g
  • pink peppercorns ½ tsp
  • caraway seeds 1 tsp
  • bay leaf 1
  • runny honey 1 tbsp
  • cherries 200g, pitted
  • pumpernickel or rye sourdough bread 4 thick slices
  • pecans 50g, broken into pieces

The night before you want to eat, put a sieve over a bowl and line with one sheet of muslin or a clean J-cloth. Spoon in the yogurt and sit it in the fridge overnight (or for up to 24 hours). The excess water will drain out and the mix will thicken to make a curd.
Put the vinegar and sugar in a small pan with 125ml of water. Bash the peppercorns a few times to crush lightly, and add these to the pan with the caraway seeds and bay leaf. Cook over a low heat, then once the sugar is dissolved, bring to a gentle simmer and bubble for 5 minutes until reduced by half. Stir in the honey and cherries, then pour into a jar so the cherries are all fully covered in the pickling liquid and leave to cool.
The next day, discard the liquid that has drained from the yogurt, and season the thickened yogurt.
Drain the cherries (if you like you can reduce some of the pickling liquor and use this for drizzling).
Toast the bread, cool for a minute, then spread thickly with the goat’s curd. Sprinkle over the pickled cherries and pecans and eat immediately.
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