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The New Federal KSA - 60 Real KSA Samples to Launch your Federal Career

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The New Federal KSA - 60 Real KSA Samples to Launch your Federal Career








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The New Federal KSA - 60 Real KSA Samples to Launch your Federal Career
[Kindle Edition]
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Table of Contents

Introduction 5
How the Process Has Changed 7
Answering KSAs 9
KSA Samples 12
KSA Sample #1: (Administrative Assistant, GS-0341-07)
Ability to communicate both orally and in writing.
KSA Sample #2: (Administrative Legal Support Assistant GS-0303-07)
Knowledge of legal documents, terminology, and procedures
KSA Sample #3: (Administrative Legal Support Assistant GS-0303-07)
Ability to communicate in writing
KSA Sample #4: (Administrative Legal Support Assistant GS-0303-07)
Knowledge of administrative procedures
KSA Sample #5: (Accounting Specialist, GS-501-9/14)
Knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), theories, practices, and standards promulgated by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB)
KSA Sample #6: (Accounting Specialist, GS-501-9/14)
Professional, comprehensive knowledge of theories, practices, Methods, and techniques of Accounting and/or auditing; and Organizational or program practices, policies, and functions Sufficient to independently plan and conduct a variety of Accounting And/or auditing assignments or investigations; analyze Accounting Systems or modify and adapt conventional Accounting and analytical Techniques to solve a variety of Accounting and auditing problems; And/or develop or modify methods and techniques to resolve a variety Of Accounting and auditing problems.
KSA Sample #7: (Accounting Specialist, GS-501-9/14)
Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the agency and Federal budget process including knowledge of the congressional budget process and a thorough and detailed understanding of OMB policies, directives and regulations.
KSA Sample #8: (Accounting Specialist, GS-501-9/14)
Detailed, intensive knowledge of the policies, precedents, goals, objectives, regulations, and guidelines of a functional area such as financial oversight, budget formulation, and/or budget execution sufficient to analyze and evaluate continual changes in program plans and funding and their effect on financial and budget program milestones; and analyze financial and budgetary relationships to develop oral and written recommendations for financial and/or budgetary actions under conditions and time pressures such as those involving uncertainty due to short and rapidly changing program and financial/budgetary deadlines and objectives; gaps and conflicts in program and financial/budgetary information; lack of predictive data; conflicting program and financial/budgetary objectives; and/or changing guidelines for the work
KSA Sample #9: (Associate Administrator, ES-0110-00/00)
Ability to lead, direct and manage organizations, programs and people
KSA Example #10: (Attorney, (Trial) GS-0905-12/15)
Ability to represent and prepare individually or as a team member, pleadings, discovery documents, motions, and briefs in support of the Commission's legal position
KSA Sample #11: (Attorney, GS-0905-12/15)
Ability to Effectively Communicate Orally, Including Clearly Explaining Legal Issues and Principles, Counseling Clients, and Negotiating with Legal Professionals and Members of the General Public to Resolve Disputes
KSA Sample #12: (Bank Examiner, NB-0570-06)
Knowledge of the rules, regulations, policies, and law relating to the Bank Secrecy Act, the USA Patriot Act, the Bank Protection Act, and other Federal Statutes pertaining to bank fraud and banking industry crime
KSA Sample #13: (Business Development Specialist - (Iraq) AD-0301-05/05)
Knowledge of the construction industry best practices especially in the manufacture and production of construction materials
KSA Sample #14 (Contract Specialist GS-1102-12)
Extensive knowledge of statutory and regulatory requirements, practices and procedures necessary to plan, solicit, negotiate, award, and administer significant, complex research and development contracts
KSA Sample #15: (Customer Service Manager, GS-1101-12/14)
Ability to communicate orally and in writing
KSA Example #16: (District Director, ES-0340-0/0)
Ability to represent the agency with senior staff of other Federal, state, and local government agencies including Governors, Members of Congress, Majors, and other local officials, as well as the business and lending communities and other stakeholders on matters related to small businesses
KSA Example #17: (Director of Human Resources, GS-0201-14)
Skill in managing, leading, directing and supervising staff towards meeting an organization's objectives and programs
KSA Sample #18 (Emergency Management Program Specialist GS-301-12)
Demonstrated ability to develop a national system of metrics, guidelines, protocols, and standards to support the National Incident Management System
KSA Sample #19 (Emergency Management Program Specialist GS-301-12)
Demonstrated ability to analyze organizational and operational problems and develop timely and effective solutions within budgetary constraints
KSA Sample #20: (Financial Analyst, GS-0501 -11/14)
Ability to communicate in writing in order to develop and issue regulations, instructions, policy interpretation and guidelines
KSA Example #21: (Financial Manager, GS-0505-15/15)
Operational and strategic skill and experience in federal budgeting/financial management
KSA Sample #22: (Health Scientist, GS-601-9/11) Ability to function productively and synergistically as part of, and leading, a team of professionals 46
KSA Sample #23: (Human Resources Assistant GS-0203-04/08) Knowledge of Human Resources Functions and Human Resources automated systems 48
KSA Sample #24: (Human Resources Assistant GS-0203-04/08) Ability to Research, Comprehend, Interpret, Apply Oral and Written Instructions 50
KSA Sample #25: ( Investigator, GS-1810-11/12) Ability to communicate in writing. (Includes preparing police reports, investigation results, and other law enforcement documentation) 51
KSA Sample #26: (Investigator, GS-1810-11/14) Ability to communicate orally. (Includes obtaining statements from witnesses, complainants and suspects, and relaying information to others) 53
KSA Sample #27: (IT Specialist, GS-2210-11/14) Ability to plan, direct and organize work products by determining priorities and allocating resources 55
KSA Sample #28: (IT Specialist, GS-2210-11/14) Ability to manage or direct independent teams and contractors, with a focus on developing or maintaining health care program-related systems and applications 57
KSA Example #29: (IT Specialist, GS-2210-11/14) Experience in building a team, leading a team, and working group or contractors 59
KSA Sample #30: (IT Specialist, GS-2210-12/14) Experience planning, coordinating, and execution of business functions through the use of information technology 61
KSA Sample #31: (IT Specialist, GS-2210-11/14) Extensive technical skill in the installation, configuration, and maintenance of Unix and Windows operating systems, server hardware components, advanced data storage solutions, network and telecommunications issues in a production support environment 63
KSA Example #32: (Logistics Management Officer, GS-0346-14) Ability to monitor such functions as program planning, resource and fiscal management, training, manpower management, and/or automated data processing to meet the logistics plan and identify delays or problems 65
KSA Example #33: Mail Clerk Supervisor GS-0305-09/12 Knowledge of postal policies, procedures and practices related to personnel actions, safety, and maintenance of facilities and vehicles 66
KSA Example #34: Mail Clerk Supervisor GS-0305-09/12 Knowledge of provisions in current collective bargaining agreement, including those related to overtime, corrective action, and grievance resolution 67
KSA Example #35: Mail Clerk Supervisor GS-0305-09/12 Knowledge of postal operations in carrier stations, including delivery and collection service, window box service, and mail distribution dispatch 68
KSA Example #36: Mail Clerk Supervisor GS-0305-09/12 Ability to manage, including planning, organizing, directing and monitoring programs, projects and the work of people to meet organizational goals 69
KSA Example #37: Mail Clerk Supervisor GS-0305-09/12 Ability to evaluate staffing and training needs 70
KSA Example #38: Mail Clerk Supervisor GS-0305-09/12 Ability to identify and resolve operational administrative problems 71
Sample #39: (Maintenance Worker Supervisor, WS-4749-05) Ability to Supervise Groups of Individuals with Varying Levels of Skills and Diverse Backgrounds 72
KSA Sample #40: (Paralegal Specialist, GS-0950-07/11) Ability to perform research 73
KSA Sample #41: (Paralegal Specialist, GS-0950-09/12) Knowledge of the Federal Rules of Evidence 74
KSA Sample #42: (Patent Examiner, GS-1224-09/12) Knowledge of patent laws and regulations, and the Federal Technology Transfer Act; and an understanding of the impact of the Federal Technology Transfer Act on the function of the Federal Laboratory 75
KSA Sample #43: (Printing Services Specialist, GS-1654-05/09) Ability to apply knowledge of printing equipment, processes, and technologies 76
KSA Sample #44: (Program Analyst, GS-0343) Knowledge of, and skill in, planning and carrying out economic and financial analysis 78
KSA Sample #45: (Program Analyst, GS-0343) Ability to coordinate issues with other analysts, work effectively with others, including foreign and industry representatives, Congressional offices, and represent State Department, and the Department of the Army in inter-agency meetings on trade policy 79
KSA Sample #46: (Program Support Assistant (OA), GS-0303-08) Knowledge of major programs and policies of the Veterans Health Administration 80
KSA Sample #47: (Project Manager, GS-0341-12/13) Skill in managing human and financial resources to accomplish research and support objectives 81
KSA Sample #48: (Project Manager, GS-0341-13) Ability to plan, organize, direct and monitor the work of others 83
KSA Example #49: (Project Manager, GS-0301-12/13) Ability to coordinate and develop innovative strategies and recommendations for initiating and establishing goals, timetables, and procedures for expediting the priorities of the Regional Office 85
KSA Sample #50: (Safety and Environmental Management Specialist, GS-301-13) Ability to manage SH&E services in the area of fire and life safety in a multidisciplinary laboratory-based research organization 87
KSA Sample #51: (Safety and Environmental Management Specialist, GS-301-13) Skill in using technology to engage and facilitate interactions with customers and stakeholders 89
KSA Sample #52: (Supervisory Accounting Specialist, GS-501-9/14) Knowledge of complex automated accounting systems in order to monitor and manage an accounting function that utilizes multiple accounting systems 90
KSA Example #53: (Supervisory Budget Analyst, GS-0560-11/14) Ability to identify key policy issues and make recommendations to senior management officials 92
KSA Example #54: (Supervisory IT Specialist - GS-0301-14) Ability to develop new initiatives/thrusts, strategies, and proposals from customer, national goals and requirements 93
KSA Sample #55: (Supervisory Mathematical Statistician, GS-1529- 11/14) Ability to plan and organize team projects and activities and motivate team members to accomplish their work 95
KSA Sample #56: (Supervisor Police Officer, GS-0083) Skills in course development presentations and evaluations in the fields of law enforcement, crime prevention and security 97
KSA Sample #57: (Supervisor Police Officer, GS-0083) Knowledge and ability required to perform recurring and emergency duties as Police Officer, to include: specialized law enforcement and investigative procedures, techniques and methods; detailed knowledge of standard police operating requirements and proficiencies in the use of specialized weapons and equipment; and a detailed knowledge of constitutional law, Federal, State and local laws and General Services Administration (GSA) regulations governing Federal Buildings 98
KSA Sample #58: (Supervisory, Public Health Analyst, GS-0685-12/14) Expert ability and skill in oral and written, interpersonal and discretionary communication to deal with high level officials in the public and private sectors on highly sensitive and/or confidential matters and issues 100
KSA Example #59:( Supervisory Security Specialist, GS-0080-12/14) Knowledge of formulation and application of security policy, procedures, systems, and programs involving the loyalty and reliability of people 102
KSA Sample #60: (Statistician, GS-1530- 11/14) Ability to identify, assess, and resolve complex quality assurance problems in survey and data collection programs and analysis 104

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