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Equal Opportunity Investigator Positions
Significant Points

This series covers two-grade interval administrative positions that supervise, lead, or perform work that involves:

  • investigating issues and situations involving equal employment, equal opportunity, and accessibility;
  • eliminating illegal discrimination and removing barriers to equal opportunity;
  • conducting interviews, collecting and analyzing information and documents, negotiating resolutions, or recommending further action; and
  • conducting factfinding and investigations that encompass the Federal government’s internal equal employment opportunity programs, government contractors, organizations receiving Federal funds, and non-Federal employers and organizations.
  • Work requires:

  • knowledge of civil rights and equal opportunity laws, regulations, and precedent decisions; and
  • skill in interviewing, following leads, researching records, reconstructing events, and preparing reports.
  • Nature of the Work

    General Occupational Information

    The primary function of the work is to investigate actual and alleged violations of equal opportunity and civil rights laws, orders, and regulations. These laws and regulations encompass a wide range of economic, social, and political activities including employment, housing, and education.

    Positions in this series perform factfinding and analysis to:

  • investigate to determine if violations of equal opportunity and civil rights law have occurred;
  • conciliate to seek appropriate remedy or relief after substantiating a violation of discrimination;
  • enforce laws requiring equal pay for men and women;
  • interpret and reconcile conflicting statements during interviews and conciliation in light of laws, regulations, and precedent decisions; and
  • identify systemic or institutional barriers to equal opportunity.
  • The factfinding in equal employment, equal opportunity, and accessibility investigations usually requires the collection and analysis of large amounts of information. Complaints can either be from individuals or from a group in a class action complaint. Based on the issues and allegations, investigators must be able to discern the type of information needed to substantiate a violation. The evidence gathered is typically through interviews, payroll and personnel records, employment applications, and population/demographic statistics.

    Investigators analyze management practices, organizational structures, employment patterns, line of progression, and pay equity. Typically, the policies and practices have been institutionalized through labor agreements, other contracts, or well-established practices. Policies affect the vital interest of the organization or organizations concerned.

    Investigators first identify the issues and basis of a complaint and then prepare and file a charge. They assess the strengths and weakness of the case and advise the complainant. Investigators then begin gathering information and evidence.

    Individual Occupational Requirements

    There are no Individual Occupational Requirements for this series.

    Additional Sources

    Information on obtaining Equal Opportunity Investigator positions with the Federal Government is available from the Office of Personnel Management through USAJOBS, the Federal Government's official employment information system. This resource for locating and applying for job opportunities can be accessed through the Internet at or through an interactive voice response telephone system at (703) 724–1850 or  (703) 724–1850  or TDD (978) 461–8404 and   (978) 461–8404. These numbers are not toll free, and charges may result. For advice on how to find and apply for Federal jobs, download the Insider's Guide to the Federal Hiring Process” online here.

    Source: OPM's Position Classification Standards for White Collar Work

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