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General Business and Industry Specialists
Significant Points

This group includes all classes of positions the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform work pertaining to and requiring a knowledge of business and trade practices, characteristics and use of equipment, products, or property, or industrial production methods and processes, including the conduct of investigations and studies; the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information; the establishment and maintenance of contacts with industry and commerce; the provision of advisory services; the examination and appraisement of merchandise or property; and the administration of regulatory provisions and controls.

Nature of the Work

This series covers all classes of positions the duties of which are to administer, supervise, or perform: (1) any combination of work characteristic of two or more series in this group where no one type of work is series controlling and where the combination is not specifically included in another series; or (2) other work properly classified in this group for which no other series has been provided.

There are large number of titles and salary ranges associated with this series, for example:

Acquisition Program Manager GS-1101

MAJOR DUTIES: Assesses progress in assigned projects/programs including cost estimates, schedules, and performance supportable baseline requirements by applying new methods and procedures. Provides input in source selection and contractor monitoring of acquisition phases and development through production and deployment. Plans, organizes, and coordinates activities of functional specialists including contracting, engineering, manufacturing, program control, configuration/data management, test, and logistics. Continually studies, reviews, and evaluates program progress. Formalizes system requirements into the appropriate specifications. Reviews and directs the progress of contractors in meeting program objectives. Takes appropriate actions to approve terms and conditions set forth in negotiations, contracting plans and budgets, subcontract participation and addition or discontinuance of work by contractor. Prepares and presents staff studies for presentations.

Store Associate GS-1101

MAJOR DUTIES: GS-01  Works as a trainee in the areas of custormer service; security, safety and sanitation; performs housekeeping duties and the operation of an electronic checkout system.GS-02Receives training in and performs duties related to the operation of an electronic checkout system, assists customers by answering simple questions, conducts physical inventories of shelf stocks and utilizes safety practices and corrects unsafe conditions.Note: GS-01 & GS-02 work requires frequent lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying and handling of commissary products weighing up to 30 pounds.GS-03:   Assists customers by answering basic questions.  Responds to patron concerns and complaints.  Operates an electronic checkout system (cash register). Performs a variety of stocking.  Receives and processes a variety of accounting reports.GS-04:   Performs a variety of duties in various departments of the commissary, (meat, grocery, produce, warehouse, front end, cash office) including operates an electronic checkout system, assists customers, maintains a safe and clean work environment, lifts and carries stock, materials, tools, uses manual or electric pallet jacks, maintains adequate stock (keeping shelves neat and orderly), assists in preparing items for display in the meat department, performs accounts maintenance duties, processes a variety of documents; performs supply clerical duties, operates a mini computer system, prepares reports, checks prices, etc, performs CAO and QAE  clerical support duties; and performs housekeeping duties.Note:  GS-03 & GS-04 work requires frequent lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying and handling of commissary products weighing up to 40 pounds.

Business Development Specialist GS-1101

MAJOR DUTIES: Develop distance learning policies and procedures, review and evaluate course materials for clarity, technical adequacy, quality standard and accomplishment of learning objectives. Conduct research and analyze trends in the small business community in order to more effectively develop and deliver course content that meet the need of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Establish written quality standards for distance learning course development projects and provide on-going guidance to personnel throughout the duration of each project.

Fiduciary Trust Officer GS-1101


  • Agency's primary representative and resident expert, responsible for ensuring that the management of Indian trust assets promotes the interests of beneficial owners, and protects and preserves Indian trust assets from loss, damage, unlawful alienation, waste, and improper depletion.
  • Ensures that Indian trust asset funds are received and distributed to Indian beneficiaries on a timely basis, in accordance with established laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Serves as liaison between owners and agencies as questions arise relating to specialized trust functions or services. Resolves differences with BIA counterparts amicably and to the benefit of Indian beneficiaries. Works to ensure beneficiary satisfaction.
  • Reviews high-risk transactions, providing technical assistance and lending expertise in ensuring that Departmental fiduciary obligations are met. Performs independent risk assessments at each Agency location to identify high risk trust transactions.
  • Applies knowledge of surface and sub-surface trust assets (e.g., grazing, pasture, farm, business and mineral contracts and leases, water rights, forestry contracts, etc.) in executing all duties in order to ensure the Department’s fiduciary obligations are met while also affirming that the utilization of the assets supports the beneficial owner’s intended usage.
  • Veterans Affairs Specialist GS-1101


  • Designing and coordinating outreach program initiatives to maximize Veteran participation in entrepreneurial programs.
  • Researching existing agency programs & provide comparative analyses.
  • Monitoring and reviewing government wide legislation initiatives to identify trends.
  • Relationship management, exchanging information, establishing and maintaining resources partners.
  • Quality assurance and marketing, using qualitative and quantitative methods for program assessments, coordinating brochures and educational presentations.
  • Infrastructure Systems Analyst GS-1101


    1. Serves as a recognized technical authority and advisor to the Deputy Assistant Secretary, Infrastructure Security and Energy Restoration Division in matters relative to the protection of the National Energy Infrastructure. The incumbent is responsible for planning and coordinating projects that will improve the protection and reliability of our national energy infrastructure by facilitating information sharing with industry representatives, other Federal and state agencies.

    2. Interfaces with and maintains relationships with government (SES and GS-15 level) and industry representatives (VP and CEO level) to ensure a coordinated and cohesive implementation of the national strategy for electricity delivery and energy reliability relative to natural gas, petroleum and electricity.

    3. Oversees the development and implementation of plans to improve emergency preparedness; training to familiarize response team members with the essential functions they may have to perform in an emergency, and exercises to validate, or identify necessary corrections or enhancements regarding policies, procedures, systems, and facilities used in response to an emergency. Oversees the process by which "lessons learned" are provided to ensure that DOE's response activities are timely and relevant.

    4. Serves as an Area Lead for a designated geographic area of the country to provide Department of Energy (DOE) Headquarter's policy guidance and direction to DOE- Infrastructure Security and Energy Restoration (ISER) Regional Support personnel and emergency responders. May deploy to emergencies within the Continental United States (CONUS) to represent DOE at FEMA and state emergency facilities to assist in the restoration of energy infrastructure in the affected area.

    5. Leads and/or conducts technical systems analyses of the energy infrastructure systems, subsystems and control or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to assess the security, reliability, and vulnerability of electric power, petroleum, and gas networks. Provides timely information to management on deficiencies found and potential disruptions.

    6. Initiates, conducts, and manages complex technical analyses of existing systems in order to identify policy issues impacting the protection and security of systems that make up the energy infrastructure. Participates in the analytic work of others to enable integrated assessments of programs, policies or legislative initiatives affecting the areas involving natural gas, petroleum and electricity.

    7. Leads and/or conducts evaluations of state-of-the-art systems and concepts, for the purpose of assessing areas where changes or modifications are necessary to enhance the integrity and reliability of the existing energy infrastructure relative to natural gas, petroleum and electricity and to define key barriers in areas requiring additional technology development to ensure the continual high level of security, integrity and reliability of the system.

    8. Monitors legislative, regulatory and policy initiatives affecting the national energy infrastructure. Assesses implications for DOE program and policy objectives and collaborative industries and apprises DOE senior management staff and industry representatives of trends or initiatives with significant implications. Collaborates with policy makers in liaison activities with other Federal agencies for the purpose of developing or analyzing policy or reviewing legislation impacting the energy infrastructure, presenting and clarifying energy-related policy positions.

    9. Represents the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability with internal task forces, interagency work groups, and external forums. Participates as a technical expert responsible for mapping new strategic approaches, providing situation analyses and identifying rapidly changing parameters. Coordinates with industry in an effort to foster and maintain external cooperation.

    10. Evaluates state-of-the-art systems and concepts, for the purpose of assessing areas where changes or modifications are necessary to enhance the integrity and reliability of the existing energy infrastructure involving electricity, natural gas, and petroleum and to define key barriers in areas requiring additional technology development to ensure the continual high level of reliability, survivability, and resiliency of the system.

    11. Prepares presentations, briefing materials, papers, reports and responses to inquiries for internal and external distribution. Makes presentations on DOE/ Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability program and policy objectives, expected outcomes, and progress to a variety of professional audiences, including industry representatives, Federal and State officials, and professional and trade associations.

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    Source: OPM's Position Classification Standards for White Collar Work

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