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Contact Representative
Significant Points

This series covers one-grade interval administrative support positions that supervise, lead, or perform support and related work in connection with:

  • dispersing information to the public on rights, benefits, privileges, or obligations under a body of law;
  • explaining pertinent legal provisions, regulations, and related administrative practices, and their application to specific cases; and
  • assisting individuals in developing needed evidence and preparing required documents, or in resolving errors, delays, or other problems in obtaining benefits or fulfilling obligations.
  • Nature of the Work

    Contact representatives respond to a variety of personal and telephone inquiries. Work within this series requires contact representatives to perform one or more of the following:

  • provide sufficient information to enable individuals to determine the required or most appropriate actions to take to obtain benefits or privileges, to comply with reporting and disclosure requirements, or to fulfill other obligations under Federal laws or regulations;
  • explain or assist in preparing forms and documents needed to meet reporting requirements or to support claims or application for benefits;
  • explain the administrative and legal recourses available and the proper procedures for filing a complaint alleging violation of applicable law or regulations or for appealing a determination made by the agency;
  • explain administrative procedures and normal processing times;
  • expedite actions on pending cases;
  • initiate actions to resolve discrepancies and adjust agency records that may be incomplete or erroneous;
  • explain the application of regulatory provisions and the basis for agency determinations in individual cases; and/or
  • write necessary correspondence and narrative reports of contacts.
  • Contact Representative, GS-0962-05

    Knowledge of, and skill in applying, standardized rules, processes, and procedures concerning land management sufficient to:

  • provide written and oral information to the public regarding land status records, land sales, timber sales, mining, recreation, adoptions of wild horses and burros, and map purchases;
  • ask questions to get a clear and accurate understanding of information sought by the public; and
  • provide other support and assistance work in the office.
  • Knowledge of, and skill in applying, standardized rules, processes, and procedures concerning outpatient and inpatient medical care in civilian facilities available under the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS) sufficient to:

  • provide answers to written, telephonic, electronic, and personal inquiries;
  • assist patients and medical staff in completing forms; and
  • verify patients’ eligibility for benefits by referring to documents, such as dependent or active duty identification card, date of birth, certificate of service, and unit assignment orders.
  • Contact Representative, GS-0962-06

    Knowledge of, and skill in applying, an extensive body of rules and procedures concerning benefits processing sufficient to:

  • clarify benefit processes and procedures to customers;
  • conduct personal or telephone interviews;
  • search records or guidelines;
  • provide full explanations in response to specific inquiries relating to the agency;
  • resolve problems and issues;
  • evaluate the extent of customers’ knowledge of the options and choices open to them;
  • explain the requirements placed on them by laws and regulations; and
  • review records and contact other offices to learn the status of pending actions, the reasons for delays or changes, and what action or additional information is required to resolve the case.
  • Nature of Assignment – Engages in on-the-job training concerning the organization and functions of the agency and effective contact techniques. What Needs To Be Done – Studies informational, procedural, and regulatory material. Observes experienced contact representatives perform assignments.

    Difficulty and Originality Involved – Assignments increase in difficulty as training progresses.

    Scope of the Work – Conducts personal or telephone interviews. Searches records or guidelines to determine answers or resolve problems. Provides full explanations in response to specific inquiries relating to agency programs.

    Effect of the Work – Work affects the accuracy or reliability of transactions the office performs.

    Contact Representative, GS-0962-07

    Knowledge of, and skill in applying, comprehensive rules, regulations, techniques, and procedures sufficient to:

  • review the particular circumstances and goals of individuals in order to apply the combination of benefits, services, or regulatory requirements that will best meet their needs over a span of time;
  • advise individuals on all aspects of benefits and services that should be considered in deciding the most advantageous choice or action;
  • describe alternative ways of crediting some types of service (e.g., military service, service before a specified time, or service involving wages above or below a specified amount);
  • demonstrate alternative formulas for computing benefits with offsetting advantages and disadvantages;
  • discuss the possibility of transfer of credits from one program to another and the possibility of waiving certain benefits in order to meet income limitations or dual compensation restrictions; and
  • explain optional elections of effective dates based on various age and service combinations, additional protection or survivor benefits, different payment plans, and similar matters.
  • Nature of Assignment – Provides information concerning alternative options and entitlements.

    What Needs To Be Done – Provides information on alternative sources of care, medical feasibility of treatment options, billing, claims processing, and entitlement. For a variety of benefits and/or services, explains issues to customers that affect rates, payments, entitlements, waivers, and reconsideration rights.

    Difficulty and Originality Involved – Determines the interrelationships of available information and data.

    Scope of the Work – Advises and assists customers with a variety of problems, questions, or situations. Helps customers outline their situation and state the reasons for their inquiry. Explains various benefit options, qualifying conditions, and reporting requirements that apply to the customer.

    Effect of the Work – Work affects the operations within the office and the ability of individuals to receive benefits and/or services.

    Individual Occupational Requirements

    There are no Individual Occupational Requirements for this series.

    Additional Sources

    Information on obtaining Contact Representative positions with the Federal Government is available from the Office of Personnel Management through USAJOBS, the Federal Government's official employment information system. This resource for locating and applying for job opportunities can be accessed through the Internet at or through an interactive voice response telephone system at (703) 724–1850 or  (703) 724–1850  or TDD (978) 461–8404 and   (978) 461–8404. These numbers are not toll free, and charges may result. For advice on how to find and apply for Federal jobs, download the Insider's Guide to the Federal Hiring Process” online here.

    Source: OPM's Position Classification Standards for White Collar Work

    Last Modified Date: March 7, 2011

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