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Equal Opportunity Assistant

Significant Points

Equal opportunity assistants may perform individual assignments in connection with compliance reviews such as:

  • interviewing persons to obtain routine factual information. (Persons interviewed may be employees of firms during equal employment opportunity reviews, tenants, residents, and management employees during fair housing reviews, or students and teachers during equal education reviews.);
  • reviewing files and records and summarizing relevant factual information; and
  • collecting, computing, and summarizing statistical data in chart and narrative form.
  • Equal opportunity assistants may perform individual assignments in connection with investigations of alleged discrimination such as:
  • interviewing complainants and advising them of (1) the appropriate office or agency that handles particular types of complaints, (2) procedural requirements for filing complaints, (3) the format of the complaint being filed;
  • interviewing witnesses to obtain factual information; and
  • reading various files and other documentary evidence, and obtaining and summarizing relevant factual information.
Nature of the Work

Equal opportunity assistants may perform assignments in support of the administration of the Federal Government's internal equal employment opportunity programs such as:

  • interviewing and counseling employees having discrimination complaints, and attempting informal resolution of these complaints through discussions with the parties involved;
  • conducting factfinding in support of problem identification activities including interviews of employees and supervisors, and reviews of records, files and similar documents;
  • obtaining factual material in connection with development of an affirmative action plan by:

    (a) obtaining or summarizing information from reports, records, and files;

    (b) obtaining, computing, and summarizing employment statistics;

    (c) interviewing staff specialists and supervisors to obtain ideas for possible action items;

  • assisting in recruiting applicants by attending job fairs and other events to interview potential applicants and generally explain Federal employment regulations;
  • making arrangements for meetings, conferences, and training sessions by obtaining space, notifying participants, gathering and assembling conference or training materials, and the like;
  • attending meetings and conferences and reporting on the issues discussed, points covered, and decisions made;
  • making presentations or giving briefings to convey factual material on specific issues during training courses, meetings or conferences.
Equal Opportunity Assistant, GS-0361-04


Under close direction of a higher level specialist, the incumbent performs a variety of routine assignments in relation to compliance reviews and investigations of the facilities of organizations and institutions receiving federal assistance. In addition, receives on-job-training in preparation for the performance of higher level duties. Specifically, the employee:

  • Checks compliance reports for completeness or need for additional information required for granting compliance clearance. Prepares clearance determination in accordance with adherence to all procedures and to well-established precedents. Drafts correspondence requesting clarification or additional information, or calling attention of recipients of Federal assistance to discrepancies in reports. Correspondence is prepared for review by a higher graded specialist and signature of the Regional Director. Calls questionable items to the attention of the specialist with whom incumbent is working;
  • Extracts data from correspondence, interview notes, affidavits, etc., and compiles narrative briefs of the facts and findings upon which to base decision as the appropriate course of action to follow;
  • Accompanies higher graded specialist on field investigations and/or reviews. Checks specific segments of records maintained by recipients and calls questionable records or discrepancies to the attention of the higher graded specialist with whom incumbent is working;
  • For training purposes, observes higher level employees conducting structured fact gathering interviews in noncontroversial situations during periodic reviews of recipients' facilities;
  • Secures or assists in the development of forms, guidelines, background materials, and policies for use by review teams. Searches files and reference materials for information relating to the contractor;
  • Receives assignments selected to provide familiarity with the laws, and regulations being enforced and their application to situations under the jurisdiction of the office;
  • Participates, as an observer, in negotiations carried on by higher graded specialists with recipients. May write segments of team reports under close supervision. Observes all facets of team leader's functions to absorb knowledge of techniques and skills necessary to accomplish the objectives of laws and regulations enforced by the office.
Equal Opportunity Assistant, GS-0361-05


Assists the regional equal employment opportunity program manager by carrying out some of the less complex and more routine functions of the region's equal employment opportunity program. Assignments include reviewing affirmative action plans, personnel actions, and assembling various reports for the equal employment opportunity program including the federal women's program and the Hispanic employment program.

  • Reviews affirmative action plans from various regional components for accuracy of statistics, proper inclusions and exclusions, conformance to agency and region regulations, completeness and consistency of data within the plans;
  • Reviews personnel actions to assure compliance with specific provisions of affirmative action plans and to determine if there is any equal employment opportunity impact;
  • Collects, compiles, and reports on employment data to determine progress in achieving equal employment opportunity goals. Reviews regional workforce data to identify underrepresented classes in each career ladder in the region;
  • Assists supervisors and staffing specialists in developing affirmative action recruitment plans for specific types of positions by identifying sources of applicants and assisting in recruitment;
  • Prepares and assembles various equal employment opportunity reports required by agency headquarters. Reports are statistical, tabular, narrative or in other formats and include such factors as grade, occupation, race, sex, etc. Employee prepares brief narratives derived from previously submitted reported;
  • Assembles and summarizes information in files for equal employment opportunity investigators and counselors including promotion actions, removals, suspensions, etc.
Equal Opportunity Assistant, GS-0361-06


Performs technical assistance work in support of an equal employment opportunity compliance unit or field office. Facilitates intake of complaints alleging employment discrimination in the private sector and in State and local government agencies, maintains complaint records, and facilitates referral cases.

  • Interviews individuals, or their representatives, or officials of organizations who make inquiries regarding charges of employment discrimination. Obtains relevant information concerning the allegation and determines if the agency or some other organization has jurisdiction. If another organization has jurisdiction, refers the complainant to the proper place;
  • Assists the party in preparation of the charge and witnesses the charging party's oath;
  • Takes affidavits from charging parties and/or witnesses visiting the office and collates any documentary evidence presented;
  • Advises charging party on nontechnical and clear-cut technical matters and refers technical questions he or she can't handle to the supervisor or higher level worker;
  • Reviews complaints of employment discrimination to determine if the agency has jurisdiction. When jurisdiction is not obvious due to insufficient information, obtains the necessary information from charging parties and/or through document requests;
  • Resolves questions of timeliness, basis, and standing under the law governing discrimination complaints. Maintains suspense records of incomplete actions to insure timely followup;
  • Recommends which complaints must be referred to other government agencies and makes referrals. Recommends administrative closure of complaints to the office director or deputy;
  • Maintains control files. Reviews files to determine charges ready for investigation or conciliation, determines if charging parties wish to proceed, and either forwards cases to supervisor for investigation or conciliation, or prepares file for administrative closure;
  • Assists compliance specialists with analysis of documentation by organizing and summarizing information from the files.
Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement

Typical requirements may include:

  • 1 to 3 years of experience working with equal employment opportunity and/or fair housing discrimination related enforcement programs; or
  • Associate’s degree with major course work in public or business administration, behavioral or social sciences, personnel or related field and 3 years of clerical, technical or para-professional experience in equal opportunity programs or similar work directly related to equal opportunity programs, personnel administration, employment counseling, contract compliance, social work;
  • An equivalent combination of training, education, and/or experience.

Earnings of Equal Opportunity Assistant may vary according to geographic location of the employer.

As of 2011, the salary range for a Equal Opportunity Assistant in the federal government is between $24,518 to $39, 748.

Related Occupations

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  • Office of Personnel Management, Position Classification Standards.

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