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Miscellaneous Administration and Program Series Careers

Significant Points

This series includes positions the duties of which are to perform, supervise, or manage nonprofessional, two-grade interval work for which no other series is appropriate. The work requires analytical ability, judgment, discretion, and knowledge of a substantial body of administrative or program principles, concepts, policies, and objectives.

Nature of the Work

Work that is classified in a two-grade interval pattern up through GS-11 (i.e., GS-5, 7, 9, and 11) which has not been designated as professional in a series definition is generally referred to as administrative. Administrative work (and here the term administrative is used broadly to refer to positions on both the program or mission and the administrative or management services side of an organization) requires knowledge of the principles, concepts, policies, and objectives applicable to a program or administrative area.

Although administrative work may not require education in specialized fields, it does involve skills (e.g., analytical, research, writing, and judgment) typically demonstrated by substantial, responsible experience the equivalent of a college level education. The duties of trainees in administrative fields often overlap those of full performance employees doing procedural work. In such cases the purpose of the assignment and the career ladder must be considered. For administrative or program specialist trainees such assignments are a temporary stage in their development to do work of a more judgmental and analytical nature.

Related Occupations

Workers in a number of other occupations also type, record information, and process paperwork. Among them are:

A growing number of secretaries and administrative assistants share in managerial and human resource responsibilities. Occupations requiring these skills include:

Sources of Additional Information

Information on obtaining Administrative and Program Specialist positions with the Federal Government is available from the Office of Personnel Management through USAJOBS, the Federal Government's official employment information system. This resource for locating and applying for job opportunities can be accessed through the Internet at or through an interactive voice response telephone system at (703) 724–1850 or  (703) 724–1850  or TDD (978) 461–8404 and   (978) 461–8404. These numbers are not toll free, and charges may result. For advice on how to find and apply for Federal jobs, download the Insider's Guide to the Federal Hiring Process” online here.


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