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“Dreamfedjob and Information Solutions have provided resources to more than 70 thousand federal job seekers over the last 10 years.”


With more than19 years of federal government experience, Dreamfedjob and Information Solutions have provided resources to more than 70 thousand federal job seekers over the last 10 years. Our team is dedicated to closely following and researching the federal application and hiring process, always keeping track of the most recent changes in this process. With competition for federal jobs at a peak, in 2011 we have introduced our most comprehensive offering yet -- invaluable resources designed to the distill the complicated and changing federal government hiring process, and maximize the "weight" of your resume when you apply for a government job.

The road to federal employment is challenging. Recruitment efforts are passive, agency leaders fail to prioritize talent issues, hiring takes too long, and key players don't cooperate. Before you apply for a federal job you need to be well informed and equipped with the proper tools to improve their chances of getting in the door. And that is where Dreamfedjob can help.

Our Careers page presents government jobs by job series and titles. In each detailed job series, we have included the "Nature of Work" associated with each position, illustrations showing the difference between grade (pay) levels, and where available, we have included federal job outlooks, federal jobs earning information, federal employment statistics, training and additional resources.

No single resource available on the Internet can boast this comprehensive federal job position content.

In addition to these unique and free resources, we have created six ebooks, available for immediate download, that translate this information into step by step instructions for writing outstanding resumes and descriptive/success driven narrative essays.

The government offers, stability, nationwide job opportunities, growth and competitive pay and benefits. The federal government is open for business and Dreamfedjob offers the tools to help you step into a rewarding career.


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