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The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has established occupational groups and series that are used to classify the duties, responsibilities and requirements of a position. This classification is made in terms of the subject matter of the work, the level of difficulty and responsibility, and the qualification requirements of the work. The classification is made to ensure similar treatment for positions within a class by personnel and pay administration. Use this information to tailor your resume as closely as possible to these descriptions.

The following list has links to detail information regarding each job series. You can search your job series or sort the contents of the table.

Sort Job Series Sort Details
0007 Correctional Officer
0017 Explosive Safety Specialist (Handler)
0018 Safety and Occupational Health Technicians
0020 Community Planners
0023 Outdoor Recreation Planner
0025 Park Ranger
0028 Environmental Protection Specialist
0060 Chaplain
0081 Fire Protection and Prevention
0082 U.S. Marshall
0083 Police Officer
0085 Security Guard
0090 Park and Reclamation Guides
0099 Student Trainee Park Ranger
0105 Social Insurance Specialist
0110 Economist
0132 Intelligence Research Specialist
0136 International Cooperation Specialist
0142 Workforce Development Specialist
0150 Geographer
0160 Civil Rights Analyst
0170 Historian
0180 Psychologist
0185 Social Worker
0187 Social Services Representative
0188 Recreation Specialist
0201 Human Resources Management Specialist
0203 Personnel Clerical and Assistance Specialist
0241 Mediator
0301 Administration and Program Specialist
0301 Travel Specialist
0302 Messengers
0303 Miscellaneous Clerk and Assistant
0304 Information Receptionist
0305 Mail and File
0309 Correspondence Clerk
0318 Secretary
0332 Computer Operation Clerk
0335 Computer Clerk and Assistant
0341 Administrative Officer
0343 Management and Program Analyst
0344 Management and Program Clerical and Assistant Specialists
0346 Logistics Management Specialists
0350 Equipment Operator
0356 Data Transcriber
0360 Equal Opportunity Compliance
0361 Equal Opportunity Assistance
0401 Natural Resource Biologist
0401 Fire Management Specialist
0403 Microbiologist
0404 Biological Science Technician
0408 Ecologist
0455 Range Technician
0459 Irrigation System Operator
0462 Forestry Technician
0501 Financial Administration and Program Management
0510 Accountant
0511 Auditing
0526 Tax Technician
0602 Medical Officer
0610 Nurse
0620 Practical Nurse
0621 Nursing Assistant
0622 Medical Supply Aide and Technician
0625 Autopsy Assistants
0630 Dietitians and Nutritionists
0633 Physical Therapists
0636 Rehabilitation Physical Therapists Aid
0638 Recreational Therapists
0639 Educational Therapists
0644 Medical Technologist
0646 Pathology Technician
0647 Diagnostic Radiologic Technician
0650 Medical Technician Assistant
0675 Medical Records Technician
0679 Medical Support Assistance
0701 Veterinary Medical Science
0801 General Engineering
0905 General Attorney
0950 Paralegal Specialist
0962 Contact Representative
1008 Interior Design
1015 Museum Curator
1016 Museum Technician
1021 Office Draftman
1035 Public Affairs Specialist
1040 Language Specialist
1101 General Business and Industry Specialist
1102 Contract Specialist
1801 General Inspection, Investigation, and Enforcement Specialist
1802 Compliance and Support Specialist
1811 Criminal Investigator
1813 Fish and Wildlife Inspector
1815 Air Safety Investigator
1822 Mine Safety and Health Compliance
1825 Aviation Safety Inspector
1849 Wage and Hour Investigator
1860 Equal Opportunity Investigator
1863 Food Inspector
1884 Customs Patrol Enforcement
1894 Customs Entry Officer
1894 Customs Liquidator
1896 Border Patrol Enforcement
2091 Sales Store Clerk
2101 State Aviation Manager
2110 Transportation Industry Analyst
2121 Railroad Safety Specialist
2123 Motor Carrier Safety Specialist
2131 Freight Rate Specialist
2152 Air Traffic Controller
2161 Marine Cargo Specialist
2181 Aircraft Operations
2183 Air Navigator
2185 Aircrew Technician
2210 Information Technology Management

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