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Job creation by the U.S. federal government fell further into negative territory in December 2011. While 23% of federal employees in December said their area was hiring, 43% said employees were being let go. If you want in... you have to give it your best shot!

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2010 Hiring Reforms have made applying for a federal job much easier. You will be able to apply to almost any federal job with just a resume, and an optional cover letter. Starting immediately, some agencies no longer require narrative responses, or KSAs, as a part of the initial application process. You may still be required to answer a self assessment multiple choice questionnaire, so please pay close attention to the information listed under "How to Apply" in each job opportunity announcement.

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Federal Employment 2010–20 Projections

Between 2010 and 2020, government employment, excluding employment in public education and hospitals, is expected to increase by 2 percent. Growth in government employment will be dampened by budgetary constraints and the outsourcing of government jobs to the private sector. Federal government employment, including jobs in the Postal Service, is expected to decline by 13 percent, as officials work to reduce the budget deficits and curb government spending. State and local governments, excluding education and hospitals, are anticipated to grow by 7 percent.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Our Careers Page provides you specific federal government job descriptions, nature of the work, earnings and employment outlook -- all broken down by GS (General Series or Pay) Level. This comprehensive content is not available in this format in any other place - Internet or otherwise. It enables you to pinpoint your GS level and then to tailor your resume to the EXACT job description and level you are targeting. And this information is free!

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